Felix Wolff

IT-Systems Engineer

Why I am done with smart watches

It is a thing more and more common. People casually chatting, operating their various electronic devices simultaneously. When was the last time that you felt you had the full attention of someone? It probably wasn't when they were caressing their touchscreens with their fingertips. This is an essay on conversational quality and smart devices making us dumber. Dump your smartwatch.

Connecting MS Office Excel Analysis with HANA

Here at my SAP internship, I want to connect Analysis for Excel with SAP HANA. Unfortunately, this fairly simple procedure is the ultimate example for bad documentation, and I want to note down my approach here for getting it to work.

Vision: What wearable device applications should do next

Having looked at wearables intensively for several weeks, I want to share my vision of how they should be developed further. Being mere data displays until now, wearable technology has the potential to be so much more. Making data actionable is what I am talking about.

Moving back-back to Jeckyll

Today, I made the move away from harp and back to Jeckyll. Dissatisfied with the complexity of publishing an article, I also moved the blog to GitHub pages. This saves me money for the webserver and time for publishing a post.

Implementing a portfolio

Developers should showcase their work, and a portfolio is probably the best way to do it. A portfolio should be most possibly up-to-date and provide insights into one's personality.

Making nginx act as an SMTP relay

To test an application out in the wild I had to host it on my server. As it receives and processes email via SMTP, it needed access to port 25.

How to boot Windows 7+ installation from USB

Everytime I try to install Windows from a USB stick, I forget a simple step in making the stick bootable and another few minutes are wasted searching for the solution. This is just a short note on how to get your USB-Stick set up for installing Windows from it.

Using a colorful terminal

An appeal to everyone to use colored terminals and do their eyes a favor.

Introducing HarpJS

Today, I made the move away from Jekyll toward a static site generation engine that enables me to enrich this website both visually as well as content-wise.